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The Miracle Tree     



What Is Zija?

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The Product

Zija is an all-natural delicious beverage blended from Moringa the miracle plant. Many consider Moringa the most nutrient rich plant ever discovered. It contains 90-plus verifiable vitamins, nutrients, omega oils, amino acids, antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and phytonutrients found naturally in Moringa.

The Company

Zija began with the only complete product line based on Moringa in the industry today. Now, the growing product range includes world class weight management and personal care lines.

Word is getting out that Moringa is nothing less than incredible. Known as "The Miracle Tree", pharmacologists and botanists call it one of the most nutritious plants on earth. Zija decided on using Moringa as a basis for all of their products.

The financial and physical benefits of Zija and Moringa have been experienced by thousands of people from all walks of life. Creating a legacy of health and prosperity one person at at time is Zija's vision.

The first to utilize herbal encapsulation, the company's founder, Kenneth Brailsford, is a true innovator. Ken's strategy created a new market within the industry of network marketing. Many network marketing executives can thank Ken for their career development when he created two nutritional companies that each reached hundreds of millions of dollars in sales.

Even in retirement, when he first heard the story of Moringa oleifera, Ken felt obliged to take moringa's message to the world. You see, when someone with his background in herbal nutrition sees something this unique and important, action is required. The wheels were then set in motion for the formation of Zija.